Breaking News: Alex Ovechkin signs with Nike, and is expected to sign with Bauer

BREAKING NEWS: Washington Capitals captain, Alex Ovechkin signs a blockbuster deal with Nike, and is reported to be signing with Bauer on Sep 6 when he will have a press conference and announce his move to Bauer Hockey Company, according to Hockeyworldblog.com.
Here are a couple reasons to believe why he is signing with Bauer. First of all, if you go to Bauer.com the first thing that appears is their new APX skates with Ovechkin's trademark yellow laces. It says "This year will be different," referring to Ovechkin's recent early exits in the postseason.

What does this deal mean? CCM is disappointed that they couldn't provide him with what he wanted, and now they don't have a major athlete to wear your equipment. Bauer is ecstatic. They now have another marque name to add to their list of players such as Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Steven Stamkos and many more.

For NIke they now can use him to endorse every product they have and even may have an shoe line in the future possibly. This deal doesn't mean much to the NHL, but it's huge for Bauer and NIke.

I'm Zack Smolev reporting for Got Sports? Blog. You stay classy.


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